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Full Version: Subtitles Menu
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For me is Bello the nicest Skin.

[Unfortunately I need the subtitles menu for disabling an embedded (automaticlly Switch on) subtitle.
But If I press Subtitles no menu Pops up. Strange Audio and Video Settings and Bookmark works.

Checked this with other skins, works with arktic, confuence.
Not working with Amber, Aeon Nox,...]

I found the disable Subtitles in the Audio Settings, but why is there a subtitles 'Button' on the top?
I also noticed this in the latest Krypton version of the skin. 

The direct "subtitles" button doesn't seem to do anything. It would be great to be able to toggle embedded / local subtitle files via this button, rather than from inside the audio submenu during full screen video playback.