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Full Version: How can I get full 1080p HD trailers to scrape into my library?
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As Kodi does not support full 1080p Youtube streaming, which is where the majority of trailers are sourced from via TMDB or TVDB, I have been trying to find alternative methods of scraping trailer sources from hosts other than Youtube. Unfortunately, the Universal Movie Scraper does not support other sources for movie trailers which may have compatible full HD trailers available. With a large-screen TV, 720p trailers do not look as good and it's disappointing not to be able to view trailers for my local library content in full HD.

I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to scrape my library with trailer sources that can be played in 1080p and how it can be done besides manually creating .nfo files for the 300+ movies in my local library.

Would appreciate any help.

Thanks Wink
Download them in 1080? These are even some websites that make it easy to grab an offline file from YouTube in 1080. Then do MovieName-trailer.ext and scrape it in. Kodi will then use the local copy. I've started doing this myself to avoid false positives with YouTube and to choose which trailer I want. I even sometimes grab the other trailers and use them with the VideoExtras add-on (which is awesome and everyone should use).