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Full Version: Skin changes required for Krypton?
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Probably still too soon for this, but has anyone looked into the skin changes required for Krypton.


Specifically this one:

replaces DialogOK.xml (details)
replaces DialogProgress.xml (details)
replaces DialogYesNo.xml (details)

I've tried to create the new xml files but my skinning abilities are not great.
I too am looking forward to Amber being compatible/updated to work with Kodi v17!

Sidenote... I just installed a v17 test build (3/10/16) for Android on my Nvidia Shield and it fixes the refresh rate, HD passthrough, audio sync issues. Just need Amber now to fully integrate my Plex library (PleXBMC works great).
(2016-03-11, 20:25)Bitwize360 Wrote: [ -> ]I too am looking forward to Amber being compatible/updated to work with Kodi v17.

Yes, it is being worked on, we should have something in the next couple of weeks. I'm also trying to get some of the improvements back ported to Amber in v16.

Once we have something to show I will post it here.
That is great news! Thanks for all of your efforts Smile. I prefer Amber not only for it's looks/layout, but for it's seamless PleXBMC integration.
I have started to make some of the required changes here, mainly the simple ones so far:


I'll hopefully have the combined dialogs sorted soon..
OK, it should be mostly usable from the above link (although lots of it is untested yet)

At the moment music ratings will not work and the new DialogGameControllers.xml is not present.