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Full Version: channel view: horizontal line artefacts in Live-TV preview with 1080i
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Sometimes I have some strange artifacts in Live-TV preview while browsing the channel view. This happen only with 1080i TV channels but not with 720p channels.

When this happen I made a screenshot kodi-send --action="TakeScreenshot" but it looks clear. It seams that the artifacts ony occours at the player output. So I don't know if this is VDR releated or not.

In the debug log starts the problem more or less here "19:09:41 183.112793 T:1789916064"

I'm using a Raspberry Pi2 with lates Milhouse build and VDR from here. I'm not sure but I think the problem start's with build #0212 or #0213 when I made a clean new installation. My stetup is always the same. I use MMAL videoplayer hardware acceleration.
I would post this in the Pi section of this forum. Seems mmal does not deinterlace in preview window.
Ok, thanks a lot for your help FernetMenta. I post it in the Pi section