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Full Version: Video freezing after comskip 'cut.skip'
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I've set up comskip to run against my TV recordings.and creating EDL files against them so Kodi would skip the commercials. I have found that while the file is being read in OK and the scenes detected, when the player comes to skip it then seems to drop down to what appears to be 1fps for around a minute before it then starts playing again OK.
I've uploaded a log of the playback and have the sample files available if required.


edl file contains:

1.12    114.22    0
972.01    1212.13    0
2180.01    2300.13    0
2692.78    2922.31    0

Per the comments on the forum I tried changing the marker to be 3 instead and the same behaviour occurs. I'm running 17.0-ALPHA1 Git:20160129-371b612 but I tried this out on some previous bulds and the same occurred.
I have an idea but won't have time before weekend.
(2016-02-17, 08:24)FernetMenta Wrote: [ -> ]I have an idea but won't have time before weekend.

That's fine. Let me know if you want a sample video. I tested the same on Openelec build and it did the same thing so happy it seems less likely to be platform specific.
I've tested on a couple of videos and that seems to have resolved it.