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Full Version: PseudoTV Live - Custom Skins
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Custom Skins

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Custom Skins
You can post here bugs,feature requests and anything related to custom skins

Working Skins v.0.8.0
Purple Nox
Titian X

Upload custom skins here: https://github.com/PseudoTV/PseudoTV_Skins (README. for further instructions)

Skinning information: https://github.com/PseudoTV/PseudoTV_Liv...-Live-Skin

Outdated skins(needs to be updated): https://github.com/PseudoTV/PseudoTV_Ski.../_Outdated

I hope skilled skinners or not will make more beautiful skins for this awesome program.
WOW! Those look incredible, great work! I'm loving Silver, I think that's the coolest one in there. I'd like to see Concast updated. I'd try myself but I don't really have any idea where to begin the process. I really have minimal to no coding knowledge at all.

A few issues I do see with a few skins. Maybe it's just me or a setting that I've forgotten to disable. You can see here in Silver that shows or channels with longer name kinda overlap the channel number a bit and create a bit of an eyesore. Not really too big a deal but I was curious as to your thoughts on this.


Another issue I've noted with Neutron is at the bottom. In the default PTVL skin it shows when a show will be airing next on TV and displays that at the bottom. This overlaps with now playing, recently added shows, etc. in the Neutron skin.


I've also noticed there's no vertical progress line on the EPG to show specifically where the user is at in the show on the Neutron skin. Is this normal?

In the Titian X skin the first show in the top row seems to space itself out more towards the EPG if that makes sense? The actual title of the show, in this case Family Guy, moves itself nearer the EPG if it's at the top. The picture does a better job explaining than I can. Otherwise in any other case if it's in say the second slot on the EPG the title moves itself back into normal positioning.


In any case keep up the good work buddy, it all looks fantastic to this guy!

EDIT: Couldn't figure out how to directly embed the imgur post so replaced with links.
Τhanks for feedback and your kind wordsSmile

As for your minor issues,it is an easy fix.There will be an update later this evening.
Looking good! I did forget to mention the separators from the shows aren't visible in certain part of the Silver skin EPG. For example, Family Guy looks like it's one long show. Again not really a big deal but it does stand out a bit. The weather doesn't show up at least on my skin. Say I were to dig through the xml files.. where might I find that information in there?

I've been looking through the xml files and trying to understand what goes on behind the skins. If I get a decent enough grasp I may try to work on updating at least one as a test.

Edit: Weather thing was simple, I didn't have my weather plugin enabled. Duhhhh!
Good job tromy. Glad to see skinning making a comeback. Smile

EDIT: I notice all skins seem to be limited to a 6-channel view. Is this a limitation imposed by PTVL or a skin choice? If it is the latter it would nice to eventually have a skin that showed eight or ten channels at once.

EDIT 2: I notice this skin (2100320 (post)) has a 5-channel view so I guess that must mean that it can be set via the skin.
Taken from PLTV wiki:"Change Row Count, recommend 3min, 6max. Performance can be greatly impacted when using more then 6 rows."
Less than 6 can be set via skinning...
(2016-02-19, 22:17)tromy Wrote: [ -> ]Taken from PLTV wiki:"Change Row Count, recommend 3min, 6max. Performance can be greatly impacted when using more then 6 rows."
Less than 6 can be set via skinning...

Ah, thanks for that. Damn, I really wanted a minimal skin that showed a bunch of channels.
@tromy how are the new skin controls and properties working out? Do you have any suggestions?
Been busy with work...Angry

I've tested most of the new properties and all seemed to work fine.

Guess the "time button"is still hardcoded and I've seen same strange behaviour with "time bar"but I'll check more and report asap.

Since you filled the epg window with properties I have no suggestions for skinning.I have a feature request I'll post in the appropriate thread.

Seen some progress in the apps window..Very wellSmile
New skin "Cube" added in first post.
All skins updated to v.0.7.3h.
Cool idea tromy.
New skin "Concast" added to first post.All skins updated to v.0.7.4a.
(2016-03-05, 18:30)tromy Wrote: [ -> ]New skin "Concast" added to first post.All skins updated to v.0.7.4a.

Thanks, I'll start working on the skin manager...
@tromy, So happy when I came across the new, updated thread, outstanding work as always! I`m working on making my Cube a 4-channel grid and wanted to see if you can point the way. Here`s how I have it now...


...as you can see I spaced it out the same but can`t seem to add the 4th channel line. Thx in advance! Big Grin
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