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Full Version: [help please] Multi tvheadend instances
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Hoping someone can help i have multiple tvheadend instances setup fine but what ideally i would live to do is have two sub menus in live tv for guides that are based off the option field (channel tags)

for example:

one sub menu item that opens the guide for tvheadend instance one or guide option (x) and another sub menu guide for tvheadend instance two or guide option (x)

From what i can see when you close kodi with a option (sub option of guide entertainment) and reload it will load back into this option so it looks like the parameters are there to do this any help would be great


Guessing no one has any ideas on how to this. Is there any way to have a menu shortcut that would load the different channel lists from tvheadend
Some skins allow you to make custom main menu items, that's probably your best bet.
Maybe using two profiles would satisfy Your needs... Switching profiles can be mapped to a key, and You should be able to configure pvr.hts to connect to different TVH servers.
You can filter the guide on tags being reported by tvheadend, can you simply use unique tags in each instance, then tell the guide to filter on that? (maybe its just the channel list that filters like that).