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Full Version: PVR, list of records
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HI Everyone,

I need setup list of my recordings in my own window. I know that kodi has own window with list of recordings but i need this list next to list of videos.

I'm mean fill clickable content e.g:

A pity that kodi has built-in controls into xml windows, instead only built-in controls with any content.

<content target="TVRecordings">pvr://recordings/all<content> ?
(2016-02-19, 17:38)phil65 Wrote: [ -> ]<content target="TVRecordings">pvr://recordings/all<content> ?
Yes, this is it thanks, but this example give me only one clickable position called "default" i needed to change the option of grouping to get the desired result.

Can you tell me where can i find list of such contents?