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Full Version: Services profiles
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I'm using one of my Pi Zero's as a travelling media player, and whilst it's working very well there is one aspect of it that I think could be tidied up and that's bulk control of services.

I'm thinking things like upnp, avahi, zeroconf, DLNA, remote control, webserver and airplay, but also perhaps on more "all in one" systems like the Pi's (OpenElec in my case) wider stuff like SSH and SMB as well.

The thinking being that when I'm at home and connected to my home network, I want a lot of those services active and running for simple convenience of connection, usage and sharing. But when I'm travelling and connected to a public or less than secure network (even with a VPN in place) I don't want a lot of those services running and offering who-knows-what information and control to anyone who may care to go prying in (especially given the fixed nature of the SSH username and password).

Whilst this kind of stuff can of course be switched on and off via the settings/services menu and the OpenElec/MyOSMC add-ons for those, a nice (and possibly fairly easy to implement) extension to that may be a way to set up "profiles" to group such settings together to be able to simply change them all at once. And even an extension further to that could be to have a given service profile trigger on connection to a specific wifi SSID to make it even more convenient (with a default settable profile available for first-time SSID connections, unknown ones and for LAN connections).

Just wanted to throw the idea onto the table in case there are any other travelling users for whom it might also be a useful addition that I guess could be done as an add-on. Or in case something similar already exists that I'm unaware of too, beyond what I already mentioned Wink