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Full Version: Issues with TMDb
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I'm having issues when Kodi is scanning for new movies.
Getting couldn't download information. Unable to connect to remote server. Would you like to continue scanning?

In the logs I'm getting:

08:51:47 512185.000000 T:1540355056   ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: HTTP returned error 401
08:51:47 512185.000000 T:1540355056   ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 401 for http://api.tmdb.org/3/search/movie?api_key=57983e31fb435df4df77afb854740ea9&query=The%20Last%20Witch%20Hunter%20Extras-Grym&year=&language=en
08:51:47 512185.000000 T:1540355056   ERROR: Run: Unable to parse web site

Browsing to the above URL gives:
{"status_code":7,"status_message":"Invalid API key: You must be granted a valid key."}

Does this mean there is a issue with TMDb?

I'm running version 3.8.8 TMDb addon.
Didn't see there is already a thread for this:

Ran addon updates (even though its set to auto update) and a few addons updates. This has fixed the issue.
So I close this one.
Thread marked solved.