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Full Version: Aeon Nox 5 Music addons not working
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I am in the proscesss of making my own build and i can't get any of the music addons that i have installed to work, I am using sub menus, all the video addons work fine, any help would be great.

Music addons installed
Tunein Radio
I've had the same problem.

It's because you have the "collection mode" activated (I don't know if this is the correct phrase in english, because My Kodi is in Spanish).

My trick for solution was deactivate "collection mode" in audio menu, go to add-on and put in favorite. Link to submenu from favorite, and then delete it from favorite.

you my friend are brilliant, that is such a bad way to get things to work, Thank you very much
I'm stumped here, where is the audio section collection mode option same problem, on jarvis 16
add the addon to favorites, create the submenu, then remove from favorites
I had this issue a few months ago with a new build. Not sure about "collection mode", but my audio plugins wouldn't work until I had added my local music collection. Import your local files to Kodi and see if that fixes your issue.