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Full Version: TheAudioDb.com for music Videos broken
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since couple of months on fresh kodi 15 install i get

add-on is incompatible or has been marked broken in repository
would you like to disable it on your system

what trigger this message, is there an option in advancesettings.xml where i can disable or put as default "yes" on start up ?

i know the message is only temporary. other plugin may have same problem in future, so wondered if i could auto do this in advancesettings.xml or somewhere else ?

Thank you .
Answer yes and it should disable it. If not just go into add-ons and manually do so.

The add-on is broken anyway as the metadata provider complained about the traffic volume that it caused, so it was revoked.

Anyway thread moved to music add-ons too as discussions isn't for support requests.