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Full Version: DTS-HD Icon missing
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Hi everybody

Just got back inte Kodi and installed PleXBMC and the Amber skin to access my Plex Server.

Does anybody else have issues with the DTS-HD icon? Its missing in my setup and no icon is shown for titles with DTS-HD. DD, DTS and Dolby TrueHD all have icons.


which version of Amber are-you using ?

With Kodi 16.0 / Amber 2.2.3, I have the DTS-HD icon :


Edit : it seems this icon has been here for...a long time Smile

I use the latest stable OpenELEC on a RPi2 and it says its Kodi 15.2 in my settings.

The Amber skin is on 2.1.3, no update is available.