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Full Version: Rollback Tvheadend client to 2.1.8
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Hi all,
I recently upgraded my version of Kodi to Jarvis 16.0 on my M8S box in the hope of getting better playback. However it has upgraded my Tvheadend Client and it now no longer recognises my server 3.4.27. It flashes the version compatibility error.
I want to roll back my Client to a recognised version of the client (2.1.8) but can find no guides to see if this is possible. Having messed around with upgrading my Tvheadend server some time ago I have decided its either a roll back of the TVH client or a rollback of Kodi, a server upgrade is not an option.

Any help is appreciated.

Reverting client is not possible. Update your server instead.
hi, I have a similar issue. I have updated to Jarvis today and now my pvr.hts does not work anymore. fact is that the tvheadend server is still on version 3.4.... and this is because I have IPTV running and that much more convenient with that version. any idea?

any chance to bring tvheadend client to work without changing the server?
No chance. Either update your server or stick with Isengard.
ok. this is not what I wanted to hear ... :-(

any idea if the IPTV setup I have will stay in tvheadend server when upgrading?
Make a backup of your server config and try it out.
Ok. I did an upgrade to HTS Tvheadend 4.0.8-15~gaa68090~trusty. I installed over the previous installed version and all settings remained! So all IPTV channels are still visible in the GUI of HTS Tvheadend. Also Kodi shows all channels including EPG as it was before!

So I was happy. But I am not able to start a channel to watch as I got the error message
TVHEADEND HTSP CLIENT No free adapter available.
Any idea what this could be? The pvr.hts client is version 2.2.14
Kodi is version 16.0 running on Ubuntu 14.04

any help would be appreciated as I really prefer TVH!

what I have also seen in the system log of TVH:
2016-02-24 21:39:52.000 subscription: 000E: No input source available for subscription " [ xbmc | Kodi Media Center ]" to channel "ORF eins"

ok, I have seen there is a checkbox to enable in DVB Inputs - Muxes. This I checked and then I got the entries in DVB Inputs - Services.
now when trying to play channel in Kodi I get
and additionally the Services table get a new blank entry each time I try to start a channel ... Huh