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Full Version: Re-Touched (final release)
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Re-Touched 5.1.1, the official touch skin for Kodi, is now available.
It is included in Kodi on certain systems and available from the addon repo as well.


Version 5.1.1 for Kodi 16.0 (Jarvis) will be the last version of this skin provided by Team Kodi.
We think it has served it's purpose and it's time to move forward.

But if you think this skin is the best thing that's ever happened,
be free to grab the source and continue to update it for future versions of Kodi.

There will be a new touch skin included in the next release of Kodi (17.0 - Krypton).
Ronie - 70+ people have viewed my question on re-Touched Skin and no one has left a reply.
Can you please take a look at it and answer if it is or is not possible?
Thanks, Jim

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Sorry to put this note here - but I do not have permission to send you a PM.