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Full Version: DVDPlayer fail to open source .flv
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I am having problems with Kodi DVDPlayer opening .flv streams. Kodi is recieving stream link from Chrome addons PlaytoKodi which extracts it from a website code. I have no influence on how the stream looks like. I did a lot of research but found nothing...

I am running Raspberry PI Zero with OSMC with Kodi 15.2 version but it looks like its just a problem with DVDPlayer

18:23:21 164.846649 T:2663572512   ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: HTTP returned error 403
18:23:21 164.847031 T:2663572512   ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 403 for http://s007.cda.pl/13590548266225.flv?st=Qwr_sIJuvSG1YjodFcjQKg&e=1456202212
18:23:21 164.847443 T:2663572512   ERROR: Open - failed to open source <http://s007.cda.pl/13590548266225.flv?st=Qwr_sIJuvSG1YjodFcjQKg&e=1456202212>
18:23:21 164.847870 T:2663572512   ERROR: CDVDPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [http://s007.cda.pl/13590548266225.flv?st=Qwr_sIJuvSG1YjodFcjQKg&e=1456202212]

Log file: http://xbmclogs.com/ppxpc5rjh#line-1212

Thank You for help

PS: I tried posting it on trac.kodi.tv but site says that i need TICKET_CREATE permissions.
the server clearly tells you that your request is denied.
Copy/paste the link in a browser and you see the exact same 403.
I did check link in my browser and it started downloading file but i already had cookie or some token to play video because i played it directly on the site. IE failed to open link with same error.