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Full Version: Special Episodes displayed every season
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I dont know if this is a setting somewhere that i cannot see or what, but since the upgrade to Jarvis, TV shows that have special episodes now show them in every season. So they still have their own "season" under Specials, but when i select season 4, the special episodes are listed before the Season 4 episodes. Same with season 5, etc.

Is there a setting somewhere to disable this? I dont need them to be shown in each season, or in any season other than Specials

I'm not sure that I get your problem: do you mean that Kodi always shows the same specials for any season, or that Kodi shows specials "belonging" to a given season?
Because it does the second for me for ages: if a special s00e10 was aired during season 2, then s00e10 would be listed under season 2...
Thank you for your reply
Every season. Battlestar Galatica, archer, Trailer park boys are the ones i have checked in my collection. Kodi now shows the special(s) for that show in every season

Have a look on thetvdb.com and manually check a few of your series. In each of the specials it should say which episode they are supposed to appear after.

With series as popular as the ones you name I would be surprised if there are any mistakes at thetvdb.com, but always best to check there first.

I've had a nose at a few of my series in v16 and cant see any troubles. The various specials are still interspersed between the episodes as expected. Maybe go have a kick around of the settings. Make sure the settings are at Advanced level, then look into Videos \ Library. I would toggle things off and back on again.
Thanks for your reply BatterPudding. All my videos have NFO, so maybe they are out of date from tvdb and dont include when they should up after which episode. Maybe thats why they are just shown at the top of all seasons? Its a theory at least that ill check into when i get home Smile

Thanks for the suggestion!

Ahhhh.... sounds like a possible change on the way the NFO is processed?

Post an example NFO file up here so we can have a nose into it. Maybe we can spot how to fix it.

Are your NFO's hand rolled in Notepad++ or has some third party media library program created them for you?

Personally I have no NFOs. Just Series 01, Series 02, etc folders. And a Specials folder. I then tweak file names to fit the naming scheme at thetvdb.com website. All of their specials are "series 00" and they then have their own special numbering system. This then allows KODI to do a look-up on thetvdb.com database to see which episode this special should be shown after. This then allows the built in KODI scrapers to do all the hard work for me.

Wiki page: NFO_files/TV_episodes (wiki)

It is clear the NFO is subtly different to how thetvdb.com operates.

In the NFO it looks like it is the following that would let you set where an episode would appear. Though I can't make clear sense how you would use this to make a special appear between episode 4 and 5.
<displayseason>3</displayseason> <!-- For TV show specials, determines how the episode is sorted in the series -->

Do your file names for specials follow thetvdb.com rules? Or was it only your NFO files that was telling KODI where to put your episodes. Maybe the rules on thetvdb.com are now overriding your NFO and confusing things?
Yup all naming of shows and specials follow the naming standard (ex: S00E01.720p.mkv), and they are created well they were originally by Sickbeard, then maybe recreated with Sonar and MediaElch. and Kodi is set to just read the NFO so it would get all the info from there. Im thinking its missing the display season/episode thing you are pointing out.

only a few more hours till i can go home and check it out hahaha

I would also check the forums for this Sickbeard\Sonar\MediaElch etc. If KODI has started to misread NFOs created by them I bet their forums will be full of screams. That way you'd know you aren't alone and a bug has been spotted.

I always find the best way to chase anything like this is pretend to be the computer. A human reading a document will spot something a computer will blindly misread. That Wiki page above should be handy to decode what is in the NFO files you have.

Also try deleting the NFOs for one show, and remove that show from KODI. (You'll need to move the show folders to somewhere else so it cleans properly.) Then pass the show back through your NFO creator. Maybe there is something new that should now be in the NFO files that KODI is now looking for?

(With the above you probably want to pick a show you have watched fully as this will reset the watched status flags)

The fact that all your NFOs are ancient and were made ages ago with three different programs should mean that you won't need to change much if anything. It is sounding a little bug like.
So yes, the NFO's are not getting filled in properly. Sonarr is just putting
<displayseason />
<displayepisode />
in the NFO's. Went to tvdb and the information is filled in for what season play after and before episode. And that usually makes the initial ones as its the main grabber. I put them through MediaElch, and that seemed to put them in properly in the NFO. Couple quick show refreshes and they were all fixed!

Thanks for your help BatterPudding! Really appreciate it

Excellent news. A bit of detective work is always fun - especially when it gets results.