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Full Version: Behavior between 2 different boxes
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I have two different Kodi boxes setup in my house. However, one of the boxes does something the other does not, and I'm not sure what setting has caused it.

On the living room box, when I go to the "TV Shows" section, and press the play button on a show, it'll play episodes on random. However, in my bedroom, when I do the same thing, it plays in order. How do I get them both to play on random like the living room does?
If you go to the sidebar menu (assuming the Confluence skin), you should see a "Current playlist" option at the bottom (if you don't, start playing a video and then stop it).
(Alternatively you can just press 'n' on the keyboard to access the playlist directly.)

Once in the Current playlist, go to the sidebar menu again and you should see a "Shuffle" option.