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Full Version: Making Bluray files play
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Hey guys, if i have bluray disc files, how can I make Kodi play them? So basically the files are exactly what would be on an actual Bluray disc.

You can just play the movie menus dont work youd have to use and external player
Bluray menus work on my Win10/Jarvis setup. I just start the movie and I can play the movie directly or go to the menus
New blurays?
(2016-02-24, 07:28)Derek Wrote: [ -> ]New blurays?

You are right. New blurays don't work. Some music BD like the latest Beatles release work well. Lots of concert work to. But no luck with recent movie releases.
yeah thats due to missing libraries try this: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=189402