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Full Version: Block remote stop button with a dialog
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We need something like a "are you sure you want to close your game?" or ask if we want to make a save state etc, because right now if you press stop on a remote it closes the game instantly.

This will become less of an issue once save states are automatic, as then it'll be just like auto-resume on videos. But at present it makes the user experience not great.
This used to be the case. When you closed the game, a savestate was taken automatically. When you started the game next, it would load the savestate.

At the time, this feature relied on a game database. You can see my explanation for why the game database (and thus automatic savestates) was dropped here: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid2247764

This could be done without a game database, by saving to a file named after the ROM + .sav extension or something. If we go without a game database for long enough, I'll implement this hack in the meantime.