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Full Version: Jarvis update breaks MYSQL setup: Unable to Open Database
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After updating to Jarvis on Arch Linux my Kodi is completely broken and unusable. Log shows:

"ERROR: Unable to open database: MyMusic56 [1049](Unknown database 'MyMusic56')"
...... all the way down to ...............
"ERROR: Unable to open database: MyMusic32 [1049](Unknown database 'MyMusic32')".

Same goes for video database.

This is after I dropped old databases and let kodi create a new one.

Some more relevant stuff from the log:

ERROR: SQL: [MyVideos99] Undefined MySQL error: Code (1064)
                                            Query: CREATE VIEW tvshow_view AS SELECT   tvshow.*,  path.idParentPath AS idParentPath,  path.strPath AS strPath,  tvshowcounts.dateAdded AS dateAdded,  lastPlayed, totalCount, watchedcount, totalSeasons FROM tvshow  LEFT JOIN tvshowlinkpath ON    tvshowlinkpath.idShow=tvshow.idShow  LEFT JOIN path ON    path.idPath=tvshowlinkpath.idPath  INNER JOIN tvshowcounts ON    tvshow.idShow = tvshowcounts.idShow GROUP BY tvshow.idShow
20:06:57 T:139636806830208   ERROR: CreateDatabase unable to create database:2
20:06:57 T:139636806830208  NOTICE: Running database version TV29
20:06:57 T:139636806830208  NOTICE: Running database version Epg11
20:06:57 T:139636806830208  NOTICE: start dvd mediatype detection
20:06:58 T:139636806830208 WARNING: JSONRPC: Could not parse type "Setting.Details.SettingList"
20:06:58 T:139636806830208  NOTICE: ActiveAE DSP - starting
20:06:58 T:139636806830208  NOTICE: UpdateLibraries: Starting video library startup scan
20:06:58 T:139636806830208  NOTICE: initialize done
20:06:58 T:139636806830208  NOTICE: Running the application...
20:06:58 T:139635812116224  NOTICE: script.grab.fanart: Grab Fanart Service Started
20:06:58 T:139636806830208   ERROR: SQL: [MyVideos99] The table does not exist
                                            Query: SELECT movie_view.idSet,COUNT(1) AS c FROM movie_view JOIN sets ON sets.idSet = movie_view.idSet GROUP BY movie_view.idSet HAVING c>1
20:06:58 T:139636806830208   ERROR: HasSets failed
20:06:58 T:139636806830208  NOTICE: WebServer: Started the webserver
20:06:58 T:139636806830208  NOTICE: starting upnp client
20:06:58 T:139635191691008  NOTICE: ES: Starting UDP Event server on
20:06:58 T:139635191691008  NOTICE: UDP: Listening on port 9777
20:06:58 T:139636806830208   ERROR: JSONRPC Server: Failed to connect to sdpd
20:06:58 T:139635795068672  NOTICE: CleanDatabase: Starting videodatabase cleanup ..
20:06:58 T:139635812116224   ERROR: SQL: [MyVideos99] The table does not exist
                                            Query: select * from movie_view
20:06:58 T:139635812116224   ERROR: GetMoviesByWhere failed

Seems to be a syntax error from the code but I don't see anything obvious. I any case I don't believe it's something I can fix on my end.
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Always post a *link* to full, uncut debug log, your snippet is missing lots of info relevant to the developers or people who could interpret the log.

*If* your db *is* mariadb - bad news, it works like shit, seriously, avoid mariadb at all cost, it's sad but it's not production ready yet and critical bugs are not fixed for months.