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Full Version: HDHR/RPi2 - Router Not Required?
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When I Google the HDHomeRun there are several responses that indicate that "The HDHomeRun can be connected directly to a PC via an Ethernet cable. The HDHomeRun is auto-MDX so does not need a cross-over cable ..."

So am I correct in assuming that I can connect the Ethernet connector of the HDHR directly to the Ethernet connector of the RPi2?
Yes you can. Keep in mind though, Pi2 Ethernet and USB Share same bus, So If you have a usb drive or Wifi also connected to Pi2, Im not sure how that will effect things as far as transfer rates. With that said, bandwidth is probably more than enough for couple of streams.
I ended up connecting both the RPi2 and the HDHR to my router. It seemed the better move and I believe that in order for any EPGs to work the HDHR needs to be connected via the Ethernet connection.