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Full Version: Set "show information" as predefined select action
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Under Settings > Videos > File lists > Default select action.

Setting as predefined value the "show information" action when user select a focused media content seems a more natural action. The play button already acts as the "play" action when the media content is focused. Opinions?
+1. This is becoming one of those things I do every time I have a new install, like automatically turning off RSS feeds. Plus pulling up info automatically might ultimately push us to make the info page more useful.

Some small bugs do get introduced this way though. If a video file is in a folder with set content, but isn't scanned in yet, and there's no internet connection or it's otherwise impossible to reach TVDB or TMDB, Kodi goes a little crazy and it becomes nearly impossible to play the video. I imagine fixing that rare occurrence shouldn't be too tricky though.
Seems sensible...
nope - think of low button remotes ... and just look what other players do. Its not common to have to hit a play button once you selected an item - normally you just hit select which is right inside the cursor cross of nearly all remotes. What makes sence is to make this customizable via keymap. Most remotes with a play button have also an info button. So i could turn around the request pretty easy Wink.
Feels not right to me to do something that at least for me feels unintuitive.
(2016-06-14, 07:12)Memphiz Wrote: [ -> ]and just look what other players do.
that's what we did with that change. Just take FireTV, AndroidTV and AppleTV, when you select an item in a list, you usually get the info view with further options, and that's what we do now by default. If you have a play button, press that one on the list and the item will be played right away. So what's exactly the issue you're seeing here? I didn't get it.
i have no play button and a change of behavior instead - but nevermind. Is there still an option to instant play by hitting the select button or would this need code changes after this change?
I think we'd just switch the default. Currently the default is to autoplay, with showing the info being the alternate. We'd just reverse that, so instant play would just be a quick button change. I still like the idea, but remain concerned about certain bugs it could introduce.
that sounds ok to me
I'm all for changing the default behaviour but we need to get it working on the home screen first.
Just discovered a good point of view from Ned Scott which I agree

(2016-02-26, 06:41)Ned Scott Wrote: [ -> ]A lot of people use skins that show a lot of metadata in the library itself, making a second info window redundant. Confluence has three views dedicated to showing media info, for example. It makes sense for list views that don't show summaries, but that's just one way to use Kodi. It also doesn't always make sense for TV episodes, which don't always have a lot of interesting metadata.

(There's some other technical issues, such as touch, mouse, and some joysticks not having a "play" button, but I'm sure there's a solution for that somewhere)

Instead, I propose an alternative: A new option for "default select action" called "Skin default". Users can still force a specific action, such as play or show info, but "skin default" would allow skinners to recommend which they think fits the current list view mode. If none is set by the skinner then there could be a fallback to "show info" or whatever.
not sure if this is a good idea, as this would lead in unpredictable behavior. I could work well in theory, but I somewhat doubt it.
it's broken for files as well so changing the default is not really on the table until that and directory providers are fixed...
I'm of the mind to change it anyway, as long as the not working bits don't cause crashes or any bad behaviour, as it might bring more attention to the need to fix stuff that doesn't work.
(2016-06-17, 20:04)jjd-uk Wrote: [ -> ]as it might bring more attention to the need to fix stuff that doesn't work.
If only it worked that way... With single button remotes and this setting, files view is basically unusable as every time you select something unscrapable you'll get stuck in the dialog loop, with no way to play it. I'll look into this when I have the time because I want this setting changed as well, but trust me: the only sure outcome of the 'lets change it now because it will be fixed soon' attitude is that bugs will be left unfixed for years.
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