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Full Version: thegamesdb is currently down
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Hey guys, as you may have noticed, thegamesdb.net is currently offline. I am working on getting this site moved to another host since we are exceeding the abilities of our current host. I hope to have this completed within a week. We are in dire need of additional developers. We only have one dev that works on the site in his free time, and he has no free time. If you, or anyone you know would like to contribute to the site development (we are looking at a complete rebuild), we would love to have you aboard. Have a look at our code here: https://github.com/TheGamesDB/TheGamesDB

We would love to get the API and site redone for RetroPlayer!
The site is back online! Smile
(2016-03-01, 21:34)ghostelement Wrote: [ -> ]The site is back online! Smile

I just wanted to say thanks for this site. I use it with my project and it's been invaluable. My addon currently provides images via link to thegamesdb static image links (I scrape it once, and the xml in my addon provides all the metadata). Is that 'resource intensive' for a site like thegamesdb, or is it more an issue with the number of API hits you get in a day?
Oh man, I wish I had the Time to help, but my toddler sucks up all my free time (hopefully when she gets a bit older I can work on stuff I want to again)! One thing that would be great to see and could integrate into Retroplayer/IARL would be a field for "Best supported Emulator" / "Best Supported Emulator Core". LibeRetro supports a lot of different emulator cores for the same System, so it would be awesome if there was a centralized DataBase that could be updated with which core works best for each game. I'm not sure if there are any emulator sites out there that have this kind of information, but it would be great if Retroplayer/IARL had a centralized way of setting the Initial value for each game when imported into your library. It could then be changed by the user on there local Kodi Install, but then have a "reset" button that could reset it to the default emulator/settings on a particular game.
We are now on a new server in a new data center. We are working on developing the new API and new site as well!
Hi ghostelement,

the site is again offline for quite some time now (2 days I think) and I was just wondering if you could give us a little status update on when it might get back online...