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Full Version: Include conditions query
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I have a fixedlist with multiple includes with conditions to determine the focusposition as so:

<include condition="Skin.HasSetting(KodiFlixCenterFocus) + !Skin.Hassetting(KodiFlixCenterList) + !Skin.HasSetting(KodiFlixShortList) + !Skin.HasSetting(KodiFlixBoxsets) + !Skin.HasSetting(KodiFlixDVDShelfView)">KodiFlixCenterFocusPosNormal</include>
                <include condition="Skin.HasSetting(KodiFlixBoxsetCenterFocus) + !Skin.Hassetting(KodiFlixCenterList) + !Skin.HasSetting(KodiFlixShortList) + Skin.HasSetting(KodiFlixBoxsets)">KodiFlixCenterFocusPosBoxsets</include>
                <include condition="Skin.HasSetting(KodiFlixCenterFocus) + Skin.Hassetting(KodiFlixCenterList) + ![[Container.Content(movies) | Container.Content(sets)] + Skin.HasSetting(KodiFlixDVDShelfView)]">KodiFlixCenterFocusPosShort</include>
                <include condition="!Skin.HasSetting(KodiFlixCenterFocus)">KodiFlixNormalFocusPos</include>

The includes themselves:

<include name="KodiFlixCenterFocusPosNormal">
    <include name="KodiFlixCenterFocusPosBoxsets">
    <include name="KodiFlixCenterFocusPosShort">
    <include name="KodiFlixNormalFocusPos">

Now this was all working fine, using reloadwindowclick, and setting focused correctly depending on the hassetting checks, but the problem is I only want one include, the 2nd one, to execute if content is tvshows or seasons and it seems Container.Content is not available at the point of defining focuseposition so would anyone have any suggestions or perhaps another way I can do this? Can I use a VAR or perhaps PARAM, haven't used PARAM yet in any form?


not possible, you have to create separate containers