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Full Version: "Unable to Connect to Remote Server": Which Server ??
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New Kodi install on a Windows 7 box.

Kodi is throwing "Couldn't download information.....Unable to Connect to remote server.... Would you like to continue scanning" upon startup.

I am guessing it is something to do with my NAS box - at which I pointed Kodi in Kodi | Videos | Files | Add videos...

But all that dialog asked for was for me to browse to the Share/Directory.... no ID/PW solicited.

OTOH, I also defined a proxy server (PrivateInternetAccess) - so maybe it is trying to get supplemental info about the movies I have on the NAS box from the web?

Bottom Line: Which "Remote Server" is it referring to ?....
Sounds like you're trying to do a library update and one or more of your scrapers (wiki) cannot reach its database.

It may be an issue at the server end, or your VPN proxy settings may be screwing it up. Can your box access the internet (standard test is if an add-on like YouTube can stream something).

Also a link to a debug log (wiki) may confirm things.

Oh and thread moved to OS independent - discussions isn't for support requests.
(2016-02-25, 21:46)DarrenHill Wrote: [ -> ]////or your VPN proxy settings may be screwing it up.
It was the VPN proxy server. I was trying to be cute in case Kodi was hooked into copy-protected material.

Turned off the Proxy Server and the problem went away.