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Full Version: Musixmatch
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Hi folks!

I just found this website called musixmatch : https://about.musixmatch.com/

It offers plenty synchronised lyrics for songs. I tried many different songs, even really unpopular ones and they found some for them!

Has anyone seen this site before? Is there any add on already for Kodi or is one in the making and I'm not aware of it?
If not, I would love to see an addon for this. They offer their API for developers (https://developer.musixmatch.com/)

I've been waiting on this for years, so sick of reply idiotic "visualizations"! Let's use fanarts and lyirics
You can understand the reason when reading https://developer.musixmatch.com/

Minimum Price: We offer data licensing packages, through our scalable Lyrics API, that are customized to meet your needs with annual fees ranging from USD $25,000 to higher depending on the audience for the data and which data are being licensed. We are not able to offer any sort of data license for less than USD $25,000.

...a bit pricey I think Confused