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Full Version: Add option for username:password in VNSI
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Hi @FernetMenta,

I wonder if it is possible to add username and password authentication to VNSI server and client? Like a -P username:password option on the server side? As I just encountered the situation that I used my notebook with Kodi away from home and actually I was able to watch all the DS and also the HD channels once I forwarded the VNSI port on my router. However, this makes vnsi server open.

Not an important feature, I can still use streamdev client and server, but thought nothing to lose with asking.

Because of security reasons you should avoid opening ports. Way more secure is to build up a VPN in order to connect to your home network.
Actually this is what I use most of the time, running ddwrt on my router with openvpn server. However, it is not possible always. Username/password are still an additional layer of security.
VDR uses allowed_hosts to control access. I think vdr plugins should follow capabilities available for vdr. If we implemented some user/password mechanism for vnsi any other vdr plugin won't be aware of this. This would reslt in some strange behaviour, don't you think?
Well, I'm not sure how would this work with vnsi. allowed_hosts is fine to restrict to a fix IP address or to local lan, but when it comes to dynamic IP from WAN, you can not do anything (or to change it every time when IP address changes).

VDRManager also has username/password possibility, just as Live, Streamdev-server/client. I have password configured in all of these.
But actually it is very good to use vnsi over internet, even my HD channels work fine.

However, considering that this can be solved with vpn, and knowing in how much more important work you are involved in other projects, leave this as a low priority or disregard.