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Full Version: [RELEASE] LocatU - Google Maps and Geocoder / Geolocation Script
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Finally got it working:
Google Maps and Geocoder on your XBOX!

Just enter an address with the virtual keyboard
and see the adress location pop up on your screen.

You can even pan left/right/up/down and zoom in/out.

Download it here:

Unpack it and copy the folder LocatU to your scripts directory.

Hope you like it.

Oo I guess I should be flattered?
Good stuff! I'll try tonight!!Nod
Does anybody got an screen sample of this?
I am also working on an implementation of the Google route-mapping feature.
This will take me at least another 3 weeks though.

good script man, i had a look last night!!!!!

I had some bad luck, my xbox is dead Sad .
So I have to mod another with an Xeno FX chip I have lying around
before I can continue coding.
Well, gives me a chance to try the xbox emulator on my pc.
Cool stuff?, ...has you submitted the script(s) to XBMCscripts.com yet
(so that it/they can easily be downloaded by everyone via their script)
Yes, it's also in the XBMCScripts list.

I will be posting regular updates like:

- show nearby businesses
- distance measuring between 2 locations
- uploading and showing itineraries (mountain trips, etc.)

Let me know what else you would like to see.
asteronimo Wrote:Let me know what else you would like to see.

will it ever be possible to switch between the regular map-view, and the satellite or hybrid one? I wanna see my house on my xbox Smile
Yes, switching between regular map and satellite images will be possible in a few weeks.

Hybrid may not be possible because it uses a lot of AJAX technology which is difficult to port to a scripting language like Python.
As you may know, LocatU is the Google Maps interface for the XBOX.

v1.1 was released a few weeks ago and I am happy to announce that v1.2
is now ready to be released.

v.1.2 has satellite maps added.

You can download it with XBMCScripts in a couple of days.

Have fun with it!
v1.2 with satellite maps added, will be released thru XBMCScripts in a couple of days.
Nice script,

a suggestion, if your going to use getButtonCode(), then add the codes for a remote and keyboard also.

eg MOVEMENT_UP = ( 166, 270, 61478, )
Thnx, I wasn't aware they were different.
I will implement them in the next release (v1.3).
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