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Full Version: Disable Auto Context Menu Popup
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have been using Chroma for a little while now and really like it :-)

Slight issue though which am not sure if it's a bug or feature; but whenever I go into any of the menu items the Context Menu keeps popping up automatically after a certain period of time?? It goes away again then comes back again....

Is there a way disable this so that the Context Menu will only appear manually if brought up from keyboard or remote control??

Having Chroma on a few systems it looks like this behavior is native to Chroma as none of the other skins do this...

Could someone help with this?

Can you make a screenshot just to make of the menu?
Hi, I have made a quick 2 minute video to show what is happening:

Have you already tried with other skins?

There's no reason why the menu keeps popping up because of the skin.
I think it's because of some issue in your input config or maybe some addons.

Never seen this behaviour in my systems.

I set the system to Confluence and the Context Menu wasn't popping up... setting back to Chroma looks like it has rectified the situation.... ?? Very weird haha