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Full Version: Downgrade from 4.08
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I am using Kodibuntu and I unfortunately updated to the 4.x version of tvheadend. This version has a completely different web interface and I cannot configure my satellite correctly. I can't event start a search for available TV stations. Can someone tell me how I can downgrade to a previous version of tvheadend or show me a (complete) guide which explains how I can use this new version. I want to use Astra 19.2 (Germany).

lokk at that thread: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=255190
there is the apt repository where you can still find TVH 3.4 (which is not supported anymore)
here https://tvheadend.org/projects/tvheadend...Repository you can find that you have to use the obsolete versions.

just uninstall - add the obsolete repository and install again. then you should be fine ...

actually I upgraded to 4.1 and think there is a great improvement.
It probably doesn't help you to know that I'm running 4.0.8 and am having no problems receiving DVB-S(2) signals. If you see unfamiliar fields on a configuration page, in my experience you can just leave them at the default values and only fill in the values you've used in previous versions.
Have you read the help screens on the new versions of TVHeadend in the web interface?