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Text for shuffle button in Music OSD looks a little bit weird when shuffle is on - "Random : Random". I guess it would be better to have just "Random : On" and "Random : Off" or even "Shuffle : On" and "Shuffle : Off"

Hey Guys,

Love the new skin! Lookin Spiffy! I ran into an issue. I host an m3u file on my server and connect to it as a music source. I actually just connect to the directory and then double click it when I am in there. This works on all other skins. In Estuary I can do all of that and I can actually see my file. But when I click it all I see are 0 at the beginning of each blank line. If I click the line I get in there and can select the sound like I want to hear. But, the menu is not there... I see only the 0 and not the description of that podcast. Again, on all the other skins I see the rendering of the descriptions.

By the way, any idea where in the code I can find this? I might want to just adjust it myself.

Thanks for all the great work! Looking cool!

Hotkeys for picture zooming - plus and minus don't work.
Editing smart playlists there is no way to add more than one rule.

Initally there is an "Add rule..." entry in the box on the right, but this vanished once you have added the first rule.
(2016-06-02, 13:42)DaveBlake Wrote: [ -> ]Editing smart playlists there is no way to add more than one rule.

Initally there is an "Add rule..." entry in the box on the right, but this vanished once you have added the first rule.

I think you need to place a button 13 on that dialog to ensure you can add new rules, or change how GUIDialogSmartPlaylistEditor.cpp currently handles the rule list 10

// if there's no rule available, add a dummy one the user can edit
  if (m_playlist.m_ruleCombination.m_rules.size() <= 0)

scott s.
Skin do not work well on 21:9 screen

-some parts are streched
-other parts are cut
-loading animation is weird

Just to warn people...

already mentioned in 279350 (thread), but:

The Estuary announcement said:

https://kodi.tv/a-brand-new-look-for-fut...-versions/ Wrote:[...] After you changed to a certain theme you can still change certain highlights with changing the colour option below the theme setting. [...]

Around the time of the announcement, changing the highlight color was working.

But with some recent nightlies it is no longer working.

Why not?

Here's a bug with TV. I'm using a MythTV Client on a Raspberry Pi 2. After deleting all the LiveTV recordings, I see the parent directory symbol ".." appear. If selected, Kodi displays the root directory on the right (bin, dev, etc,...) and Kodi becomes unresponsive for a few/several (it seems to vary) seconds until Kodi restarts after pressing a few buttons.

The parent directory should probably be hidden if there aren't any recordings.
Here's another small bug...
When you exit settings, both the Settings icon and the Movies item are highlighted. Settings is the one that actually has focus, but Movies shouldn't be highlighted.
Some movies will not refresh in Estuary - they do in Estouchy. Suspect the Information screen does not find multiply titles and does not add the Refresh option.

Examples: Christmas in Connecticut - Info finds a current version but does not enable refresh to find the 1945 version
Canterville Ghost (Charles Laughton 1944) - uses la Phantom de Canterville and won’t refresh

I've had several others.

I have a lot of issues with Estuary in 17 alpha 2. The following are in no particular order.

  1. Apple remote no longer works (skin or Krypton problem?)
  2. Getting the left-side slide in Settings(?) menu to display via the pointer is extremely difficult. E.g after clicking "Music" to display the music library, moving the pointer to the extreme left is supposed to display a pane with "View Options", etc. The problem is if you move the pointer to the left anywhere below where the lowest item in the still invisible pane will be displayed nothing happens. Even if you slide the pointer up nothing happens. You have to move it away from the edge of the screen then up then back to the left to get the pane to display. Very confusing.
  3. The above mentioned pane no longer has a "Full Screen" button. I have to go back to the home screen to find the full screen button.
  4. There is no button on the "Full Screen" screen display to get back to the previous screen. Have to use backspace key.
  5. Above mentioned term "Full Screen" is easily confused with Command-F/Ctrl-F full screen.
  6. CRC Lyrics pane is no longer translucent
  7. Clicking in top right of CRC Lyrics window does nothing. In other windows the Kodi logo changes to an X as you move over it and clicking closes the window.
  8. Down arrow below CRC Lyrics is right on top of the track play progress bar. Clicking it make playback skip forward to that point in the track instead of changing CRC Lyrics to the next page
  9. There is no "Get More..." button on the music visualization settings window and no visualization add-ons.
  10. Clicking on the giant left arrow button displayed along with, e.g., the listing of tracks on an album, does nothing. I have to find and click on the '..' link at the top of the list.
  11. In the Wall view most of my album titles do not fit in the box. Only half the 3rd line of the title is displayed. It looks ugly. Perhaps use auto horizontal scroll in this case. See screenshot.

"No longer" means compared to Confluence in 16.1.

I think this forum is not a good way to report bugs as it has no tracking capabilities and no capability to manage the bugs. Furthermore subscribing to the thread with e-mail reception of replies means getting mail about *all* the bugs people are discussing.

Also asking people to provide screenshots and not providing a way for them to do so or even instructions on how to do so using an external site is stupid. I am unwilling to create accounts on external sites just to provide you with screenshots. Since I didn't make an account, I have no idea how long the below link to imgur.com will remain valid.

I filed trac.kodi.tv issue 16791 about issue #1 in my list because it does not look like a skin problem.

Issue #10 is fixed in a test build I received for an audio playback problem, i.e a build subsequent to 17alpha2.

Regarding issue #4, there is a button but it is hidden; it looks like headphones on the music player full screen display. Worse, moving the pointer to it causes the play/pause/stop menu to appear, the same as clicking the 'm' key, and that menu grabs pointer focus so the click over the headphone icon does nothing. You have to wait for the menu to disappear for a click to have an effect.

Issue #11 also affects the full screen music player. Only the upper half of the line containing the 3rd item in the "Next Tracks" list is displayed. It is cut off by the bottom of its containing box. In this case there is plenty of room for the containing box to be larger. Part of the background image can be seen below it. Looks like there is a problem with font height calculations and box fitting.
(2016-07-05, 03:04)msfc Wrote: [ -> ]Issue #10 is fixed in a test build I received for an audio playback problem, i.e a build subsequent to 17alpha2.
Spoke too soon. Only the big left arrow in the album wall display works. And that arrow is accompanied by a '..'. If the big left arrow elsewhere does not mean go back to previous screen, a different image is needed.
Issue #7 is my list is also the result of the play/pause/stop menu grabbing the pointer focus. There is a close button.

Re issue #11 and the Next Tracks list, in the case when this happens 1 of the tracks has a long title that is wrapped to a second line. This seems to be what throws off the calculations. I think there is line wrapping happening in the screen-shot of the album wall display too.

And 2 new issues:
  1. The full screen music player display does not show the length or remaining time of the currently playing track. I find this information useful. Currently only a large progress bar is displayed.
  2. The CRC lyrics window covers most of the title of the currently playing track in the full screen music player display. The window is enormously wider than the widest line of lyrics that is displayed. Ideally the layout should allow the current album/track title, the lyrics and fan art or artist slideshow display to be viewed simultaneously.
They should be #12 and #13 but I can't find a way to change the starting number of a list.
Not sure this is a skin problem, more like a Kodi internal problem. Any movie that has a PCM soundtrack will not play audio. Period. Films like Invincible or Casino Royale will play the video just fine, but there's absolutely no audio. Audio works fine for all other formats though.
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