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In Sets / the side bar is not consistently showing the movies within the set.

I would estimate (less than 10% are showing.) - I'm pretty sure all was working correctly in V8. Looks like a Leia bug?

I have 2 examples of working and not working. (can't work out how to load the IMG files up.)

This is in LibreELEC 9.0 Alpha 004 (Kodi 18 Beta 1).
The Wall view for TV episodes will not fully scroll all the way down to show the last line. The following image is scrolled down as far as it will go:


This problem does not exist for Movies.

This problem was previously reported on 2018-07-03, 23:37 by Rouzax. The responses were "not so much a bug" and "that doesn't look like estuary. likely a mod of it.", all of which seem to have dismissed the problem. However, I'm seeing the problem with stock Estuary in both Krypton and the 09/20/2018 nightly build. So it has been around for quite a while. My question is, with all due respect, is this a bug? And can it be fixed? Thanks.
While just playing around trying different things, I got it working by making the following change to file View_500_Wall.xml:

I changed this line from:
<itemlayout height="300" width="300" condition="Container.Content(episodes) | Container.Content(videos) | Container.Content(musicvideos)">

<itemlayout height="301" width="300" condition="Container.Content(episodes) | Container.Content(videos) | Container.Content(musicvideos)">

The screen now looks like this when scrolled to the bottom:

Honestly, I don't know much about skinning, so I don't know if this is a legitimate fix, but it seems to solve my issue.
(2018-04-20, 12:28)gujal Wrote: [ -> ]In Estuary Kodi 17, we are able to call addon settings and display a specific tab and a specific setting by using the following code
execute('Addon.OpenSettings(%s)' % id)
execute('SetFocus(%i)' % (int(c) + 100))
execute('SetFocus(%i)' % (int(f) + 200)
However the same code when run on Estuary Kodi 18, only opens the default first tab and sits there

Can you please look into why this feature has stopped working in Kodi 18 Estuary or advise if the setfocus codes have changed. Thanks 
Anyone have an update on this?
When I browse to PICTURES to show my sources this happens: source has a folder.jpg picture, it is shown but doesn't fix the box. Had a portrait picture there first and now changed to widescreen picture but it doesn't fit. Issue here since V17 so not a new thing

Hello, i use Kodi 17 on a Minix U9H
i think that what i describe below is a bug. If not, i would like some explanations.
A lot of my music files are listed by Kodi like the following (instead of there names or "Title" metadata):
01. %T
02. %T
If i remove the "Track" information (which is for example "1/9") from their metadata i got the filename (much better)
But before to remove the track information in all my files, i would like to know if i can change something on Kodi.
I have however a workaround :
(Example on a filename "01 One Step Forward.mp3" with Id3V2.3 Title "One Step Forward" and Year "1976")
in settings i have the track naming rule to [%N.]%T, if i just set it to %T i have "1976 01 One Step Forward.mp3"
But it does not explain :
- why %N is not correctly getting the "1/9" Track information
- why even %T is maybe not working correctly because i got Year+ filename, not the Title (it can be different).
And note also that if i disable "scan tag" for filenames, i just got the filename in the list
Movie Set Preview List Ordering

As previously noted in this post under video topics, the movie set preview list (not when fully viewing the movie set which can be sorted as user desires) is in reverse year order which is just wrong like top posting...  Smile  Fix to addons/skin.estuary/xml/View_51_Poster.xml still applies. Applying the desired user sort for each movie set would be nice but probably too complex to implement as preview list is a single page for all movie sets.

Not a real bug but a proposition for a speed-up. Change smartplaylists to call less objects on home screen like this:


    <rule field="dateadded" operator="after">
    <rule field="dateadded" operator="after">


    <rule field="dateadded" operator="after">
    <rule field="dateadded" operator="after">
will result in faster availability of home screen objects and faster shutdown of Kodi.
hehe, i think the chances are very slim someone was adding movies to kodi back in 1900 ;-)

the dateadded field was added to kodi in 2012, so that would be a better value.
Further to this - I have done some further digging and here is the output 

I have put a clean copy of LibreELEC on a USB key to test with:


LibreELEC (Milhouse): devel-20181109210312-#1109-ge8e2816 (Generic.x86_64)

And worked out using debug - that when we see: "DEBUG: CWebServer[8080]: request received for /jsonrpc" - the set list is not there
and that when we see "DEBUG: CDirectoryProvider[videodb://movies/sets/14/?setid=14]: refreshing.." we do see the data.

Bug: https://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/18044 -- has been updated

We are not accepting Trac reports for v18. We are using Github instead... https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/issues

You might want to create a new report there.

Screenshots would be of help, as I have not noticed an issue with Sets.

If the image is on your computer, then use button 19. If the image has already been uploaded to a public image hosting site, then use button 14
Tested on RC2 win x64 on win7 x64.

Following steps result in repeatable crash

1.  Install script.extendedinfo from official repo
2.  Navigate music / artists
3.  Open musicinfo dialog on any artist
4.  Select "search youtube" radiobutton "440"
5.  musicinfo window closes, Extendedinfo script runs and opens its youtubelist dialog window
6.  Close the youtubelist dialog (keyboard back)
7.  Music window briefly displays followed by Windows popup "Kodi has stopped working"

Also tested in an addon skin with same results

tested in some other builds I had laying around and I don't get a crash in 2017 0427 nightly, but I do in 2017 1031 nightly and newer, so this has been around for a while.

I think the other extendedinfo dialog windows can also trigger the crash when closed, but the youtubelist window is 100% repreatable for me.  My theory is there is something going on in Kodi65 module dependency but I don't see what the problem is.

scott s.
Maybe related.... I'm having an issue where the "Trailer" button crashes Kodi when EmbyCon is installed in Kodi 18. YouTube & ExtendedInfo work fine & I can even use the context menu to play the trailers too. Skins like Titan have no issues but skins based on Estuary all I've tried crash.

Thread about it with logs here.
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