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Icon view for Add-ons would be nice.
Hi, I have an add-on which fetches thumbnails for Live TV entries. They will show up if I launch the "info" screen of an epg entry, but nowhere else. Could you change the OSD so that it prefers the show thumbnail over the channel icon?

Here are some screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/2RziT
how about giving us an option to have everything at the bottom instead of on the side?
(2016-06-10, 21:39)Smiggel Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-03-08, 15:43)rodalpho Wrote: [ -> ]I exclusively use the "List" and "Media Info" views. If a skin doesn't support something looking very much like these very simple views, I will never, ever use it.

+1 Agree! Those views are a huge miss when you come from Confluence.

Add another +1. Media Info - 2 and 3 - views with their big non opaque fanart and poster presentation are more immersive than the current Estuary views. Please bring them back.
Will this skin support CinemaVision?
(2016-07-07, 04:17)MidnightWatcher Wrote: [ -> ]Will this skin support CinemaVision?

Yes it will. Smile I've only found one bug in the latest Alpha, and I PMed that to Piers a while ago.
Will we ever be able to scroll more then 10 items across on the home page. please extent to 20 atleast. gives you more choices for viewing..
First of all, great work on the theme. I've a few comments that I hope come across well.

The Titan skin has a menu in skin settings to show all additional addons that the skin specifically supports and clicking on one installs it or edits its configuration. For example it displays extendedinfo, nowandnext, virtualkeyboard and other addons that are difficult for a user to easily find via the normal addons menu route due to the sheer number of addons. I find that Titan menu item useful, but accept it might also be considered confusing due to effectively having a second addons menu with only a subset of addons.

In the new Estuary theme I find a few things confusing. In settings I couldn't browse to add new add-ons, and have to go to the top-level add-ons menu instead. It would be nice to have an add-ons menu in both places to make it easy to find.

The Weather pane on the top screen said something like click to set up (since I didn't have a weather addon on the clean setup), but clicking did nothing.

PVR TV Guide: Using my remote, I couldn't figure out how to get to the menu at the top (where it says Timeline - TV channels: sort by name). With a mouse it's easy, but maybe I just don't have a correct keymap button bound. (Clicking up would go to previous channels, left would go earlier in the day, context menu is for the programme, so getting to the menu item defeated me).

Playback: if you pause then hit info then the info panel overlays and makes grey the pause panel, if you info then pause then the opposite happens. Maybe shuffle the panel up a bit so it doesn't overlap? I'd prefer the metadata tab to just be merged with the default tab since it seems a bit sparse.

The other feature of Titan I like is "display big seek buttons" so when you hit seek button it displays "+10s" then "+30s", etc., in huge font in the middle of the screen which is ideal for those of us who can't read small text from a distance but need to regularly skip several minutes worth of adverts.

Overall, it looks nice and clean.

The ability to hide different types of addons would be nice so my home screen isn't as cluttered, take bbc iplayer addon for instance, all I want is programs and video, not audio.
Add resolution to osd info screen
Apologies if this has already been requested.

During video playback if the video is paused, there is an on-screen indication that playback is paused (it says "Paused"):


With music, there is no such indication - here is a paused music track, can you tell it is paused? Smile


The only clue that a song is paused is the frozen timestamp, and lack of audio. Toggling the ">" (play triangle) to the "| |" (paused) symbol would be an improvement.

Similarly, in the full screen window (below) there is no visual clue that the track is paused other than the timestamp/audio:

I'm a heavy user of subtitles, as we're all French in the family. So my request would be to put back the subtitle button with it's submenu (download and adjustments) in the control bar. Another way could be making the control bar customizable, but I guess it's a more work intensive option.
Really liking almost everything in this skin....but.....

When viewing music in file view there are no view options. It is defaulted to Widelist and cannot be changed. This is a very important option for me as I exclusively use file view for music and do not view through the library..
(2016-05-06, 18:25)theotocopulitos Wrote: [ -> ]Request: add the file name and path in the info screen, specially for movies and tv shows - I think that this information is useful and is included in most skins.


I'm really missing this information, without it handling my library is a lot less convenient.

Also see my other post over here: 2387496 (post)

Thanks a lot in advance for a little heads-up whether we can expect this functionality in the final skin.

+1 for CDArt!

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