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In the default Estuary skin when Videos is highlighted (but not selected) 4 1/2 Media source are only visible the rest are off the screen to the right.
Right clicking enables user to scroll to the desired Media source but this becomes tedious if user has many Media Sources.

Would it be possible for "Media sources" to be wrapped for the set resolution and appear in the empty real estate below?

If your Kodi has at least 5 favourites, this is a good example of how I am thinking it should work...

NVIDIA Tegra 1920x1080p 59.94hz Full screen
Kodi 18.2 Git:20190422-f2643566d0
Android 8.0.0 nVidia Shield

Issue Image
@triks Can I suggest to use the i - button in the forum editor next time for any screenshots or images?

It will auto-upload your image to Imgur.com and insert a link in your text.
We don't have to let Google know everything we do here as well. Smile

I would suggest you guys to add the following video identifiers?
- Motion Picture Rating (if possible to have a way to select the certification country)
- DTS-X, Dolby Atmos
- HDR, HDR10+
- 4K, 3D or HD
- All available audio and subtitle languages

If there are add-ons that do that already could you please let me know? 

Thank you!
The current version of Estuary has 4 different view types listed for the main EPG Screen. This is not strictly true, since 2 of the view types are for Horizonal or Vertical guides with Channel Groups enabled and the remaining 2 views are also for Horizontal and Vertical guides, but with no Channel Groups enabled.
This makes the view type description quite hard to actually read, as they scroll across the screen and not that easy to identify. 
I would like to propose that we only show 2 view types as Horizontal and Vertical, with the Channel Groups enabled. A radio button should be added to the sideblade with the option to enable/disable the Channel Groups.
This is a lot tidier IMO and much easier for users to read and understand.
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