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Full Version: Cloud Flare prevents IP lookup for wiki users
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When people request wiki accounts I sometimes need to check their IP against known spamlists. I do this manually because the extension for mediawiki has too many false positives and will sometimes block real humans. Now all IPs for users are seen as Cloud Flare IP addresses. I know the actual web pages are cached via Cloud Flare, but is there any way for the user's IP on the other end to actually be forwarded to the server? I imagine this also messes up Google Analytics.

If not, no worries. I can just make my best guess from the "say why you want to edit" question that they are asked to fill out. I just thought I would ask. Thanks.
we had the same problem on the forum and were able to fix this by changing a setting in the forum software.

perhaps there's some option in mediawiki for it as well.
searching google let me to this page:
That's perfect, thank you ronie.