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Full Version: What is the best live tv backed for multiple tunners?
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Hello, I decided to upgrade to Windows 10, from Windows 7, which means I lost the windows media center.
I installed codi as an alternative, but i read, that unlike WMC, i actually also need separate programs for watching and catching the tv.

I want the system to be similar to the WMC.
It worked there like this:
I had 3 digital tv tunners connected to my computer, and the windows media center allowed watching of the live tv or opening epg and setting which tv shows to record (or if it should record automatically all episodes for the given tv show). SInce i had multiple tv tunners, it was possible to record up to 3 tv shows at the same time.

I would like to know, which of the front end plugins i should use in codi, to get this functionality and which backend plugin as well (so that it could manage all three of those tv tunners at the same time, like the wmc did.)

Thank you for your advice
What tuners are you using? that may be the best bet at getting a decent answer.


Two aver tunners (one USB, one PCI card) and one ASUS PCI card, the are all connected via cable to the antenna on the roof
All backends support multiple tuners AFAIK.
I'm using dvblink to manage multiple tuners (hauppauge & dvbsky).
I use tvheadend, two dvb-s tuners in my wetek play, another wetek play for another sat dish exporting the tuners using sat>ip and a HDhomerun for DVB-C, so a total of six tuners combining dvb-s and dvb-c.
I just switched from mediaportal to NPVR and all I can say is I don't know what took me so long. Com skip works, it's fast and the recording features are awesome.