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Full Version: 2 Channels play Video at 1/2 speed
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I just upgraded to Jarvis, (Kodi 16) and now two of my broadcast channels only play (& record) at 1/2 speed video. The AUDIO is fine. It plays normal. but the video is lagging behind, but only on two of my 12 OTA channels.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

Im running on a VIsta PC.

Thank you
More: In Argus, the streams play into VLC just fine, BUT I notice that after checking all my channels, its the only TWO channels that are decoded in a huge format size.
Since this is a problem only after upgrading to Jarvis, I'm leaning toward a memory/cache/throughput related type issue.

Any Troubleshooting assistance would be helpful.
Thank you,