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Full Version: PVR confirm shutdown notification incorrect
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Hey Forum,

I've come across an issue that's buggin the hell out of me. Every time I attempt to suspend my NUC just prior to a recording take place I get a notification. the problem is the notification time is always incorrect.

I've tried this across fresh install of kodi 15.1,15.2 and 16 and 2 different versions of server WMC. I also went too the trouble of configuring a recording via an instance of NextPVR but the issue still remains. I've also tried to change the padding settings on the older version of server wmc while using 15.1 but whether I choose wmc, kodi or server wmc to dictate the padding size the issue still remains.

The only things I haven't tried is a re-install of win10 that I kinda of want to avoid, but from what I remember the problem only started once I upgraded. Anyone seen it before? For what its worth the actual recording start at the correct times

Thanks in advance

Link to a screenshot showing the error: https://app.box.com/KODIShutdownTimeError
This is a bug in Kodi code. No chance to fix this on your end. It is just a display glitch as you said, recordings start at the right time. I will fix this for Kodi Krypton.