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Full Version: DSP Addon?
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Looking for an add-on to solve the following error;

kodi jarvis no audio dsp addons could be found

Any help would be appreciated.



Previous post was moved to garbage subfolder, I assume for being posted in the wrong spot.
This is also in the wrong place. Moving to somewhere more appropriate.

Also please do not write multiple threads for the same issue.
Your other thread got removed as it was a duplicate. Unfortunately two of us did it in parallel, one on each thread independently. Apologies for that.

The question is fine though, albeit in the wrong place. I've put it into music add-ons, but if one of the other add-on sections is more appropriate please let us know.
I'm not sure where is most appropriate, I kind of assumed it would have to be a system add-on, if that exists, as it's a basic functionality of the audio output.

Most likely others would experience the issue with movie playback.


Besides the "why was my thread deleted and moved"... Are there no answers to this question?