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Full Version: CU LRC Lyrics: No lyrics found!
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Hi, im getting this message when I try to enable lyrics while playing the mp3 file which is saved locally next to the lrc file. Minilyrics and my smartphone both works well with the lrc file, but kodi doesn't allow me. I've tried different lrc files but it didn't help either. Anyone can help me out? Many thanks.
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hey I'm having the same problem, I found that cu lrc will search and download the the lyrics correctly and it is in the right place if you look in C:\Users\Sony_user\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\addon_data\script.cu.lrclyrics you will find a folder called lyrics with the lyric files you searched. im using kodi 16 I think it has to do with this, did you ever find a solution?