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Full Version: EPG Grid hangs...
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since a few days i am getting "hangs" or "stalls" when trying to navigate inside the EPG grid.

When i am navigating inside the EPG grid all seems normal (grid scrolls up or down fluently), until suddenly it "hangs" for a few seconds. then it's working again.

Looked at the vdr log on the server side: The Grid is stalling every time, when vdr logs this line:

"VNSI: Trigger EPG update for channel....".

When this line appears in the VDR log, the EPG Grid on the Client freezes for some seconds.

Any idea what might cause this?

* VDR 2.2.0
* KODI master from github

PS: Has nothing todo with the change of the default skin... saw this weird stalls also in confluence skin, before the new default skin went live.

Must be related to general pvr changes. Can you be more precise on when this issues appeared?
(2016-03-06, 16:16)FernetMenta Wrote: [ -> ]will be fixed with https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/9281

Thanks much,

tested this fix, no more stalls, everything smooth now Smile

Thanks for testing. Fix is merged now.

tried the EPG Grid again today (latest milhouse RPI openelec build, same symptoms in KODI master on x86_64) and still getting huge problems with EPG Grid:

1) there is now a lag of > 20 seconds between clicking "EPG Grid" and the Grid actually showing on screen.
2) the stalls when scrolling inside the Grid are still there, although less often than before.

Debug Log:

(switched to Channel "Das Erste HD", then opened the EPG Grid, scrolled for long times inside the Grid, then exited)

This should be fixed in Kodi Krypton alpha 2.
no. it isn't