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Full Version: PVR Manager
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Hi, I'll start by saying I'm brand new to Kodi so not very knowledgeable... I started everything up Launched Kodi (via my Firestick) then it started 'Loading PVR Clients' but says the PVRManager is at 0% and it doesn't increase at all. It then moves on to Client Guides, which all seem to load. However, once it's gone through that process there's no programmes, films etc. available to watch. Am I missing/not doing something fairly straightforward? Any help would be really appreciated.
What PVR back end are you using?
Dangelus, thanks for getting back to me... Emmmm without wanting to sound like complete Kodi illiterate, where would I find what PVR back end I'm using?
You need to have a source of television signal, some sort of tuner and an appropriate software package to act as the "back end" and interpret the data.

I think you need to do a little research:

It's via a Amazon Fire Stick, plugged in to the HDMI socket of a Panasonic TV being fed with a wireless connection from my BT Homehub :-)