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Full Version: [BUG RUNNING KRYPTON] TV guide (timeline) does not auto update timer icon
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As the title says: running master branch (krypton) on either Debian Stretch or Ubuntu Xenial, when I schedule a recording in the guide, it does not show the timer icon anymore like it does in all previous releases, unless I first exit the guide and then view it again. Likewise when removing a timer. My backend is tvheadend.
The new default skin in krypton behaves OK in the timeline guide, so I guess something has to be adjusted/updated in confluence to make it behave like it should in krypton again. Sadly, I don't have any clue regarding what exactly has to be updated.
Could you please fix this?
Many thanks in advance.
Working in Estuary but not in Confluence is just a coincidence.

Exact reason still needs to be investigated, but this is neither a skinning not a pvr add-on issue.

Please visit trac.kodi.tv and open a ticket there.
How do you save a custom menu..? I setup my menu, but when I unplug my firestick, the menu goes back to the default settings.
Should be fixed in Kodi Krypton alpha 2.
@ksooo Thanks again, sadly I lack permission to mark this topic as fixed/solved, same goes for the trac ticket.