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Full Version: How to get TV?
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I am new to kodi, using amber skin.. I have an hdhomerun extend.. I went to TV in settings and enabled it (selected iptv pvr option). But there is no TV option on the main home screen, how do I bring up TV and guide etc?
I have that installed as well, its just not showing a TV menu option anywhere and not seeing a way to add it anywhere.
The hdhomerun addon is under video addons.
(2016-03-08, 02:52)bry- Wrote: [ -> ]The hdhomerun addon is under video addons.

I have that installed, and it runs but I was looking for the option to put TV as a main menu option on the home screen.. and also bring up a guide and select which channel you want to watch. Right now I just have hdhomerun app in my favorites and run it that way.. no guide though.