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Full Version: one button download subtitle
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hi! (sorry my english!)

in xbmc(frodo) working this code (MCE remote (keymap editor installed too)


<f3 mod="ctrl,alt">RunScript(script.xbmc.subtitles)</f3>

in kodi it's not working

maybe need new code

how looks like in kodi if i wanna to use
this button


AutoSubs Add-on is not an options (i don't wanna use this because this download subtitle for all my videos)

i'm in progress...
this code is working good


<f3 mod="ctrl,alt">ActivateWindow(SubtitleSearch)</f3>

if i use one subtitle service

but i'm wanna use two (SuperSubtitles and OpenSubtitles)

now i get error if can't find subtitle on Default

i want something like this

push button > search subtitle in Default > if can't find sub go back to the subtitle services

(on frodo doing this but on jarvis go back to the movie and i cant' choose the next sub service's)
nobody use remote for kodi ? : )

but otherwise

the solution was very simple

if can't find default sub push Play button not Back button

and then can choose other subtitle Service's

that was a good talk to myself : ) but
the others is useless
how can i delete this thread?
Please excuse my bad English.

Google translator:

I have a problem with the Artist-slideshow, Kodi Jarvis 16.0, Xonfluence skin.
I have set my own slide show. In some songs, the screen is black. See link: