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Full Version: Amber Music Menu
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I've had my HTPC running for about 2.5 years. It's Windows 7 pro with NextPVR and Kodi Gotham. A long story why I am still on Gotham so will not elaborate here.

I have 2 openElec systems running too. Their sources are the Windows Kodi HTPC. They both are on the latest openElec Kodi build of 15.2. The one in the guest bedroom is running on a Raspberry Pi2 and the one in the master bedroom is running on a Zbox. All my systems are running fine and I am very happy with them. All are also running the Amber skin. Been on Amber since the get go and I love it and won't change. Very responsive even on the Pi2.

Here is the issue.

I try to keep all 3 systems looking just like each other to the extent possible. That makes it easy for me and easy for guests and/or my wife. But one thing which is different is the Music Menu. On Gotham when you are on the menu, you just see the background that has been set and there are 2 sub-menus (files and update library). I like it that way. I just click on it and it brings up my Music Source. My source is organized with each Artist in a separate directory and a "Various Artist" directory for the artists which just have a few songs. My overall music library is about 5k songs. With the openElec builds, the Music Menu always shows "Recommended" and "Recently Added". There are also several sub-menus which I am basically not interested in (except for update library), but I can live with them as sub-menu as that hurts nothing. My music library is pretty static.

So the question is: How can I get the openElec builds to not show "Recommended" and "Recently Added", and when I do click on Music, show the files menu? That way it will look just like the Windows Gotham build.

Attaching screenshots of each.
Gotham image here. http://imagebin.ca/v/2ZTh9wjC6kB2
Kodi 15.2 image here. http://imagebin.ca/v/2ZThz9MRfxjQ

Any help would be much appreciated.
I gave up on trying to get what I wanted by changing the Amber skin. Just could not figure out which .xml file set these menus.

But.... I was able to accomplish what I wanted by just making a favorite, then adding the favorite to the main menu. Works just fine and now all 3 of my Kodi system look basically the same.