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Full Version: Channel surfing performance
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Hi All,

New Kodi user here. I contemplated building a custom machine with a satellite receiver, but decided to buy a cheap Android box with Kodi on first. It plays ISO files from my NAS with no issues. I'm very happy with it.

With that success, I would like to build a custom machine to replace my Humax FoxSat receiver. The trouble is, all the videos on Youtube of satellite TV + Kodi, are embarrassing slow changing channels. Is it possible to get standalone receiver performance? Any suggestions on the fastest cards for Linux, would appreciated. Is it a lost cause?
I use a TBS6905 which is a quad DVBs2 PCIe card, i've used it in the past with TVhead and Mythtv on Linux and once properly configured channel changing was ~1 - 2 seconds inline with any commercial STB (imho), I also use a USB winNova DVBt stick and this pretty much behaves the same.... For both devices it does take about ~5 secs to start up, but again this is pretty normal comparing to any commercial STB...
Thanks. Guess I need to give it a go and see how it performs.

I've ordered a Wetek OpenElec with twin DVB-S2 for £79. Seemed like the best bet as it's in the same ball park as dual DVB-S2 card.