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Full Version: Cannot add program addons to video submenu
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Not sure if I'm in the right place, if not I'll move this thread to the correct spot.

So after a fresh install of Kodi 16.1 on my Windows 7 machine I am no longer able to add the program addon PseudoTV Live as a "widget" so to say below my videos/tv shows/movies tab in the submenu. I am able to do this on my laptop also running version 16.1. I've gone through my laptop and installed any relevant addons that may require this in order to happen on my main computer but no dice so far. I can only add it under programs submenu. When I try to add it under videos submenu I can only select video addons.

I'm wondering, is it something simple I'm missing to be able to do this? Has this option been removed or am I just stupid?
Having the same problem with a fresh install of 16.1 on libreelec. Did you find a solution? Previously was no issue but wish to add a program shortcut on the video submenu and can only select video plugins. Any idea on how to manually edit confuence if needed?