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Full Version: Kodi ProgStreaming
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The ProgStreaming website is a great place to find new progressive rock music, and I made this addon to be able to use it from within Kodi.

To help remember which albums you have listened to there is 'Like' and 'Hate' options in the context menu. The path to the favorites file containing these votes can be changed in settings. A location shared by other Kodi installations is supported:


There is also an option to refresh the album list (it is automatically updated once every day), and you can switch between the ProgStreaming and the ProgStreaming Classic sites


Please keep in mind that I'm not a programmer, and this is my first Kodi addon, and my first Python script.

Download from the link below, and install from ZIP file in Kodi's addons settings:

Download v.1.0.3
The link is down.
Sorry about that, the link is updated now